Nashville's OneC1ty

OneC1ty a urban community on the west side of Nashville. The majority of the community is under construction or waiting to start construction but there are a few commercial buildings that are completed. This new community is going to be a center of technology enabled commercial, residental, research and retail. The idea of the community is to show that healthy living can be made easy.

This is one of the computer generated images of what OneC1ty will look like when completed.

The beginning of this new community was started with a new style of containers. The have used recycled metal storage containers to make the first commercial properties at OneC1ty.

This is a computer generated image of the area of OneC1ty that will be made of of recycled storage container commercial buildings.

CrossFit is one of the new commercial buildings that is part of the storage container construction. The storage containers are 8ft wide x 40ft long. CrossFit's workout's are different from most gyms because they consist of functional movements that are constantly varied and executed at high intensity. To find out more about CrossFit check out their website.

Avo is the first restaurant to open in the new OneC1ty community. Avo is a 100% plant based (vegan) restaurant . This is Nashville's first raw plant-based dining concept. The restaurant was created by raw food chef Jessica Rice and hot yoga plus owner Susannah Herring. Avo's menu consist of ravioli, summer pizza, pesto noodle bowl, pad thai, lasagna, BBQ maiitake sliders, ceviche tacos, plus a variety of salads, starters, and desserts. If you would like to find out more about Avo check out their website at

These are a few of the other commercial buildings that are at OneC1ty but do not have tenants at this time. To learn more about all the things that are being planned for this new urban concept community you can go to their website at

Make sure to check back next week to see where around Nashville we journey to. If there is somewhere you would like for me to go please leave me a comment.

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